Yarde's Solo Saxophones and FX and the rest project...

Blue Box set up 1


The Blue Box Diaries was largely developed due to the most generous gift of a Civitella Ranieri Fellowship in 2008 although the seeds were sown way back in the early 90's with Jason's first pedal purchase. It is a live composition and soundscape project where all sound sources come from Jason through saxophones, voice or occasionally other found sounds. These are then processed through a small arsenal of stage pedals - a number of delays, loopers, harmonizers, tone crunchers etc.

On one hand, the purpose of the project is to make the sound of the saxophone sound anything but... On the other it is to explore a greatly varied landscape of sound from the deeply, driven and intense to the hushed and eire all marking points on a journey and beds for multi-layered, lyrical and/or rhythmical expressions. Jason has presented this project in a number of smaller clubs and gallery spaces where the abstract and open elements to the sound lend a lot to the listeners imagination and the visual element adds a whole other layer of fascination.