This is Jason's longest running group and the line-up has remained the same for over ten years... Due largely in part to the high demand for theses players individually, as musicians and otherwise... Mike is a fully qualified osteopath! ...they have only recently managed to make it to the studio as a group. Look out for the results in 2010...   





Trio WAH! in the garden







- Drums




- Bass




- Saxes




In contrast to playing in the big bands of Andrew Hill, McCoy Tyner, Sam Rivers, Hermeto Pascoal, Roy Ayers, Manu Dibango and his own Acoutastic Bombastic... Trio WAH! is a chance to hear Yarde's playing and compositions in an intimate and stripped down setting.

Jason and Larry (Courtney Pine, Byron Wallen, etc...) forged their musical relationship through playing in the original Jazz Warriors and Mike (Billy Jenkins, Christine Tobin, etc...) and Jason through the London based 12 piece, Rare Mix.

Over the 15+ years since, they have developed a fluid trio connection covering greatly varied musical terrain. From tight and constantly shifting rhythmic patterns to free flowing rhapsodic episodes. Trio WAH! Can cover the calm and the storm within a few bars never losing the important elements of rhythm, melody and even harmony in this exposed format.


'The group modulates easily from spacious post-bop to dirty grooves via Ornetts-ish noise, showing a creative approach to form…'



''s fascinating to witness how seamlessly Yarde's writing and improvising intertwine... Swing, hip-hop, improv, you name it, he can make it all sound as if it was meant to live together, and he's getting better at it all the time…'

The Guardian