Here you will find details of all Jason's current projects... 

McCormack & Yarde DUO co-led with the fantastic pianist Andrew McCormack has been active since 2008 and is now developing material for a new collaboration following MY DUO, Places And Other Spaces and JUNTOS which was recorded in collaboration with the Elysian Quartet.

TriO WAH! as ever, will be hitting out with some live shows whenever they get a chance and is edging nearer the release of 'that album'... Featuring the long suffering Larry Bartley on Double Bass and Mike Pickering on Drums.


ACOUTASTiC BOMBASTiC is a 10-12 piece ensemble full of mega talented multi-instrumentalists! They have finally made it into the studio to record a debut album (thanks in part to the PRS For Music Foundation) which will hopefully see by the light of day in 2016...


OMMMY 4 is another old dream newly brought to life having recorded, the album should be released within the year. This new group sees legendary South African drummer Louis Moholo Moholo flanked by the often orchestral or other worldly horns and live effects of Oren Marshall (Tuba) and Jason Yarde (Saxes) with the versatile voice of Elaine Mitchener adding further colour, soul and depth.


The BLUE BOX DIARIES Jason is 'still' working on his solo project XIS' Vol.1 as well as doing solo shows here and there with just himself and a cargo of saxophones and a case of pedals, percussion and effects... Yarde was able to develop the 'Blue Box Dairies' during his Civitella Ranieri Fellowship in the Autumn of 2008.

Jason and the Angrynotes/AKA The REAL DEAL HORNS

This is Jason's longstanding horn section which in addition to a core of longstanding members can (and often does) expand to include some of the best horn players on any instrument needed in any town... They have Denis Brown, TY, Keziah Jones and Plan B among their credits.


BOLD AS BRASS is a large scale, site specific, public participation piece involving 100 players of brass, saxophones and percussion for all ages and abilities. First commissioned for the EFG London Jazz Festival's 21st birthday celebration's in 2013 it received an Irish premiere in Cork in June 2015.


HeaD TriP is a largely improvising quartet featuring Pat Thomas: Keys, John Edwards: Double Bass and Seb Rochford: Drum Set.